Monday, April 5, 2010

Preparation for a pre-school

Now that your toddlers are on the onset of joining their first school, you are a bit worried about the type of pre-school that should be chosen. You talk to your family members; your friends who have kids probably of the same age and you even go and check out each and every school by yourself on your list. Here are few common tips to check out the best school for your li’l one.

The foremost question that pops up in our mind is why do we need a pre-school? The answer to the question is SOCIALISATION. At home, a child do gets the opportunity to mix up with friends and cousins which might not be of his age and added to it he’s always under the guidance of his parents. A pre-school allows the child to grow emotionally and intellectually on his own, viewing the world from his mindset, spending time everyday with kids of his age.

When you choose a preschool, it is important to give consideration to a child’s characteristics, the program, the preschool staff and also the physical environment of the school. All these factors together may provide your ward the best of educational experience

A pre school can provide an edge for your child to succeed. Apart from the bookish and the factual knowledge a good preschool allows the development of various skills and techniques that prepare them to face the future challenges of life like cognitive, language development, gross and fine motor skills, self-dependency and also value educational skills.

Before getting entrance to any preschool you can ask the following questions about the school:
- Do they have a clear cut syllabus?
- Does this syllabus lead to overall development of the child?
- Does the staff takes interest in a child’s natural interests like reading, counting, writing or story telling and tries to enhance it?
- Do they strike a balance between indoor and outdoor activities?
- What is the size of the classroom?
- Which approach they follow while teaching?
- Do discuss the disciplinary methods also?
- Do they keep a track of a child’s performance in every sphere?

Also make it a point to enquire about the staff and the physical environment of the school. The answers to the following questions should be positive and satisfactory.

- Are the teachers nursery trained?
- Are they patient enough to deal with the children?
- Has the staff been stable for years?
- Are the teachers experienced?
- How do they communicate with the parents?
- Is the school having spacious outdoor area for play?
- Are there enough supplies of playthings?
- Are there enough people supervising them when outside?

So the keywords for your selection are Research, Research and more Research. After you are completely satisfied with the school’s atmosphere, its curriculum, teacher’s qualifications, class size, health and safety standards, then you can register your little darlings to their perfect neighborhood school.

-Blog Author

Dr. Pooja Singh
St Edmund's School,
Sector-5, Jawahar Nagar,
Jaipur (Rajasthan), INDIA.

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