Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping with Kids

How often do we go shopping with our kids? I guess, most of us like to leave them home when we are planning to shop for ourselves. We won’t disagree with the fact that when we are shopping for ourselves, the kids push us over to their stuff. And then, we end up purchasing their stuff and sometimes even forget to buy for ourselves something which was necessary.

So instead of shouting at them or standing helplessly in front of everyone while they are busy showing their tantrums, one should try and involve them with your own work.

Firstly, try and go for shopping less number of times.

Secondly, when you prepare a list for yourself, ask your child to do the same. (Remember only things of necessity).

Thirdly, Put some amount (small) in your child’s hand, pocket, purse etc. and ask him/her to shop from that particular amount. And also fix some gift, if they save the money from that amount.

Then, if your child is creating a fuss over a toy which you think is pretty expensive or not necessary for the moment, don’t deny your child straight forward, instead ask him/her to collect the money for the same. In this manner they’ll come to know that how much time it takes to collect that particular sum of money and in the process, somewhere they’ll realize its value.

Try and pay your bills in front of your child. So that they know, nothing comes for free. If they are using telephone, watching television or even opening and closing the refrigerator every time they’re passing by the kitchen, they have a price to pay.

One can opt for reasonable stores while shopping for the kids. Because your kids are in a growing stage and secondly they judge the quantity of products purchased for them.

Try and involve your child with your own shopping. Tell them what you are interested in buying and then see the excitement on their faces when they select the things for you. This activity makes them feel important and that their choices do matter to you.

So Happy Shopping!!

-Blog Author

Dr. Pooja Singh
St Edmund's School,
Sector-5, Jawahar Nagar,
Jaipur (Rajasthan), INDIA.


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