Monday, January 24, 2011

Stress Free Examination

“EXAMINATION”, the word itself insulates a feeling of panic and stress not only in children but also parents. For most of us exams means lots of revision, mugging up, four walls of the room, our table and chair and many sleepless nights. While preparing for it we meet with loads of stress. And as parents and teachers it is our job to see that the child is comfortable with the whole scenario.
Few of the possible signs of stress which one can look out for are eating disorders, irritated nature, tiredness or sleeping disorders. If the child has suddenly started eating too much or has reduced on diet or if you are noticing some changes in nature of your child that he/she has become aggressive or too quiet. If you find your child tired or is always looking worried, take these as warning signals. A little bit of stress is good for the child to remain focused and motivated however the former signs are of excessive stress taken and the child really needs HELP.
The best ways to distress your child is by maintaining a good repo with him/her. Understand their needs and wants. Secondly allow lots of fluid intake which will help your child remain concentrated. Thirdly fix a leisure time for them, even during examinations like a walk in the park or talking to friends or even some exercising. Remember they can even watch a movie just to rejuvenate themselves. During exams we tend to sleep less, however it is recommended that a person should sleep for atleast 6-8 hours daily else it reduces concentration leading to tiredness and change in attitude.
As their parents and mentors it is our duty to see that a child is free from all anxieties no matter its related to examination. We should explain to them that this is just a part of life and not an end of it. They should work hard and streamline their study material in such a manner that it does not put pressure on them in the end. After all time management is important.

-Blog Author

Dr. Pooja Singh
St Edmund's School,
Sector-5, Jawahar Nagar,
Jaipur (Rajasthan), INDIA.