Friday, May 2, 2014

Conserve Fuel

Yes…..I conserve precious resources …..Do  you????

The energy crisis in the country is becoming graver by the day and it is every individual’s responsibility to save  natural resources.
We need to educate and advocate the judicious use of natural resources and propagate resource conservation. Resource Conservation lays emphasis on saving water, fuel, paper and electricity targeting the young brigade of the country, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries of conservation efforts made by us today.

“To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.” 

- Theodore Roosevelt


Change begin within us. As active citizens we must at least save our share…. spreading  the awareness is just a click away….

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed
-Mahatma Gandhi.

There is too much energy conversation instead of energy conservation……

 Let’s walk the talk !

If you don’t know where your electricity is coming from, most likely it is coming from coal fired or a nuclear power plant. These energy sources are bad because coal-fired power plants are one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Nuclear power is dangerous because sometimes there are accidents (like radioactive leaks) and the results can sometimes be fatal. Not to mention all the radioactive waste that nuclear power plant make..…So what are your other options? Well, there is always ALTERNATIVE ENERGY :
Alternative energy is from renewable resources like wind, solar, wave, and steam. Some  examples of alternative energy are : hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass bio-fuels, hydrogen, ocean and tidal Energy, wind , solar and waste.  


“Whether half  full or half  empty………….. Resources are limited” !

Alternate sources of fuel here , means that we can use another fuel for running vehicles and for producing electricity. These sources generally have low emissions. They don’t originate from finite fuel resources and are sustainable. Also, these sources makes the country independent.
As we all know, Sun is a constant source of solar energy, which can be used to produce electricity by which we can also run vehicles. Solar energy can produce electricity. But how ? It can be done with the help of solar panels. This electricity can be used to run trains. Electricity for transportation use is highly efficient.
Natural gas is an alternative fuel which burns clean and is already available in many countries. Propane/LPG can also be used as a fuel but in this, crude oil is used which is imported from other countries and make the country dependent.
Renewables are for everyone….conserve it!!
Ø Can we imagine our life without electricity????
·       The night before the examination …
·      Work at hospitals…
·      Last minute hassles before travelling…
·      Work in banks and offices…
·      ATM machines…
·      Hot summer days…
·      Microwave cooking…
….and lots more situations where we will stuck up.

So what can we do to conserve energy...

We should reduce our usage as much as we can. This way we can save our money as well as we can become eco friendly.
ü  Very easy - We should properly switch off all the electric components immediately after use. Further, it would be great to pull the cord of these appliances out of the socket after use.
ü  The idea of building energy efficient homes is also striking-
§  Paint the outside walls of the house light in colour as it will attract less heat and hence your air conditioning expenses will reduce.
§  Use hot water from solar water heaters for cooking and also try to use solar cooker.
§  Provide sufficient windows in the house for proper ventilation.
ü  Use energy efficient CFL’s
ü  Try to eat together at home to avoid repeated warming of food. This not only saves fuel, but also preserves the nutritional value of food.
ü  Pressure cookers, used with separators, lead to substantial fuel saving.
ü  Use the optimum setting foe geyser’s thermostat.
ü  Allow food articles, taken out of the refrigerators to attain room temperature before cooking them.

Beware of Energy Monster !!!

They drink up all electricity and they are very real!
o   LCD TVs and plasma TVs
o   Window ACs
o   Video game systems
o   Microwave ovens

o   Vacuum cleaners

St. Edmunds school,
Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, INDIA

Class X


  1. Very nicely written appreciate the hard work done in making it.

  2. Its a very good effort by the students to create awareness among general public.These students are future of the nation and their little efforts and awareness will help them as well as the nation to save its resources from wastage. The concept of "Sustainable development" they are not only understanding but also practicing to save the planet Earth.

  3. Don't make your child ask_ _What was oil ?_ _Conserve today
    Very nice work done by the students, they are trying to create awareness among the peoples, i hope this little effort by the students help so many peoples to understand about the concept of "Sustainable development ". Where conservation fails,pollution start "Save energy and be happy"

  4. wow....really nice article. Students can make a difference. They can be the stewards of our environment. This article shows their learning and deep understanding of the problem of fuel crisis.

  5. That's incredible

  6. i completly agree

  7. those kids... mine is the biggest

  8. Hi, we’re two French students who participated to an European project about energy. We learnt a lot there and thus agree with everything that was said in this article. It is sooo well-written and pertinent. You share great ideas and denounce the fact that we all talk a lot without moving anything.
    It is really important to make everyone realise how vital it is to change our ways to produce energy in order to protect our planet. We think it’s a chance young generations feel concerned. Hopefully we’ll eventually manage to be heard! Congrats for your work, keep going :)

  9. Hi, we are two students from France and we are going to have an exchange with the saint-edmont school in Jaipur. We think that it's a really good initiative ! It's really interesting and it enables us to understand better what it's at stake. It's topical ! Nowadays, it's really important to alert the general public to this problem.

  10. Hello ! We are girls from France and we found your article very interesting. Your presentation of the different energies was very good and your solutions were relevant but I think you should talk more about the other ways to produce electricity, not only the sun, like the wind power. With our class, we have worked a lot on this topic and we are specialists especially of the wind power.
    Keep working on energy for a better world ! :D

  11. We are french students from Saint-Dominique institute. Our names are Jules and Chloë.
    Concerving energies is an important problem and a precious way to save the planet..
    Nice article! We can see the great job that students have done, we really know that this subject is very difficult to explain. Thanks for sharing those explications!

  12. Thanks for this very interesting article! I am from France and I believe in the same values: I think we can change things, it is our generation! We have to do all these everyday simple gesture to change the world. I am pleased to see that there are students who feel concerned by these questions and who are showing it to the whole planet! Thank you! :)

  13. Hi I am a girl from France, and I read your article that I found really interesting. I’m a specialist from energy saving. I think renewable energy a constant struggle so I’ve worked with two friends about wind power, wind turbines and so ones… Your article is very precise to show students the deep understand of fuel crisis, by showing the way to save our environment.

  14. Hello, we are Mathilde and Melanie French pupils of the institute Saint Dominique in Mortefontaine near to Paris.
    We agree that we have to reduce our consummation of energy for the future generations and the protection of the planet, with using the renewable energies; we made presentations on it this year.

  15. We come from France and we study at the highschool of Saint Dominique in Mortefontaine. We find this article is such an interesting one.
    We think that it’s a good thing to highlight the fact that our energy mostly come from bad energies like nuclear one.
    We totally agree with you and share the same point of view about the renewable energies. In fact, green energies and the reduction of greenhouse gas’ emission are the most important things we have to keep.

  16. We are scientists working on renewable energies and we think that it’s a really interesting topic you are asking very good questions and our future projects coincide with your work. It’s might be good to increase quantity of data on your website. I wish you good luck for the rest keep working on renewable energies this is maybe the most important subject in the years to come.

  17. i feel energy is the important subject for today & tomorrow if we want to answer are generation to what we gift them for their future

  18. Really Insightful!
    Amazing Blog!

  19. Looking forward to working on this project with you when you come to Scotland. You will find out about the power of the wind, the waves and the tides.

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