Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time Management

In today’s world the most important task for any human being is to manage time. If you face troubles meeting deadlines, if you keep running haywire for completion of tasks or even if you really find it difficult to take out time for your family then probably you are one of the candidates who seriously need to work out on your time management skills.

Time Management actually refers to the ability of a person to use his/her time productively at work or at home. We have 24 hours in a day, in which we need 8 hours of sleep so that our minds could function properly. This is a proven reality and very less could be done to make changes to it. We all are slowly and gradually becoming the slaves of time however here we’ll talk about the art of mastering it. As the number of hours in a day cannot be increased we can definitely work on changing our attitude that may help us in future to become organized.

For enhancing our time management skills we should first learn to prioritize our work. We should be able to distinguish which work holds more value. Then come organizing that involves drawing plans according to the priority set. Then comes streamlining, where you put your planning into processing mode. As the work is being processed try not to shift the focus onto irrelevant works and then contribute your best towards the job.

The solution sounds easy but it takes some practice and then you are good to go. The 4 D’s of self-management allow us to get a clear picture of the aforesaid solution. 

They are:

1.     Do It: Get it Done, the sooner the better.

2.   Delegate It: When you know that you are either not capable to complete the task or you don’t have much time to complete it. Get it done through somebody else.

3.     Dump It: If the task is not important, you can push it to a later date.

4.     Defer It: Again if it is not that important, you can add it to your “To do” list.

The 4 D’s of self-management work hand in hand with the aforesaid method of prioritizing. Now as said earlier also that this may take some time but then all good things don’t come easy. Be patient to learn the skills and hopefully you get on your way to success.



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